14 Tips to Be a Topper in Class – [Secret Study Hacks]

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Every student wants to be a topper in class. You need to know the secret tips and tricks to be a Topper in the class. I’m going to discuss the top tips and habits of the topper students in the class and in the final exams of school, college, or university.

To be a topper in class or succeed with a higher rank is not impossible, you need to follow the rules of the topper’s life. To achieve a top rank in class or final exam, you need to be disciplined and adopt top students’ study habits. Take part in all the class activities, and be punctual and smart. After reading all of these tips, you should not forget that only a topper is not an achiever or succeeder.

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Tips to Be a Topper in Class – Secret Study Hacks

Keep in mind that toppers are not born geniuses. They become toppers by undergoing constant practice and guidance. They are well guided about what to do and how to do it smartly. They follow guidelines and succeed to become a topper. So let’s discuss the way and study the secrets of topper students. Here are the secrets of toppers.

1. Toppers Follow a Routine & Timetable

The first thing is that toppers are punctual and self-disciplined. They make timetables and after that work consistently according to their scheduled routine.

In their daily timetable, they set daily targets to achieve.

They also play games, use social media, watch movies, and give time to their friends and family. But they give priority to their study. According to the level of class, the time for study is different. They try to achieve tomorrow’s goals today. They read the chapter lesson before the teacher.

The teacher’s explanation is a revision for you. So, regularity is a key point for the topper’s success.

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2. Toppers Study Smartly

Toppers don’t make studying a burden for them. They take studying as a hobby and do it interestingly.

If they are tired, they take a rest, have a cup of tea, listen to a song, or do any other activity. And come back shortly on their recent task.

Toppers underline important topics and use them in their notes. They use the internet and YouTube tutorials for their topics.

3. They Set Their Targets

Toppers set their targets. They plan to achieve their targets in time. For example, they make a goal to complete a specific task at a specific date. For this, they work hard until they reach the final destination. This technique makes them confident in their objective.

Achieving a goal keeps a man motivated for big achievements. Toppers don’t wish to be mediocre.

4. Understand Rather than Cram

Toppers understand the topic rather than cramming. Cramming is a memorizing technique in which one can read and keep in mind the words, but not the real meaning of that word. So, he/she can’t explain if someone asks about that topic.

Toppers focus on understanding the meaning of the topic. After that, they can define and explain that topic in their own wording at any time. So, if a teacher or examiner asks a question indirectly, then they can understand the question and can answer it.

They highlight the real meaning statements and read only those statements next time they revise the topic. In this way, they save a lot of time.

5. Divide the Syllabus into Small Tasks

Toppers don’t make the syllabus a burden. They divide the syllabus into small chunks. After that, they give every task a priority for preparation.

They use the Pomodoro technique for studying. The Pomodoro technique is a plan of study in terms of timing. You have to set a time for one subject and take a short break. And then the next subject. In this way complete a cycle by taking a break and continuing to the next.

So, they give little time for different topics according to schedule. They adopt the Pomodoro technique which keeps a man away from boring.

6. Attend Classes with Full Attention

It is a very important thing that all the toppers follow is “full attention”. For all the toppers in every field of life, full attention makes them succeed.

If you take a lecture or class with full focus and attention, you don’t need to give it more time later. You can revise it and your topic or lesson is ready. If you don’t focus and are mentally not present in the classroom, you can’t understand what a teacher or trainer is delivering.

If they don’t understand anything, they ask questions to the teacher. In this way, they got everything clear in the classroom.

They don’t need any home tutors for studying. Home tutors are according to the class levels. At the college and university levels, there is no need to have a tutor.

7. Follow Past Papers

Toppers use past papers to understand the paper pattern. In this way, they got an idea about the paper and the examiner’s choice of questioning.

8. Learn from Discussion

Toppers discuss the topic with each other and with teachers. In the discussion, they share their thoughts and suggestion. This method of learning has a lot of benefits.

Discussion clears the hidden facts to everyone. It maps a solution in mind that was answered by someone. Toppers always Clear doubts through a discussion with fellows and teachers. They avoid being nervous while questioning.

Sharing knowledge makes a man confident, improves communication skills, and increases knowledge.

9. Toppers Make their Own Notes

Toppers make their own notes. A sentence that is written on someone’s own, is better understandable for him. So, when the exams are near, they only study their own notes instead of reading the complete book. This way can save time.

In degree exams, we can’t read thousands of pages before the exam, but rather you have to read notes.

Furthermore, toppers Teach Others. In this way, they learn a lot of hidden facts.

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10. Concentrate During Study Hours

Toppers don’t study a lot but, they understand the topic with interest. According to their timetable, if three hours are reserved for study and they complete their work in two hours, they use one hour for another activity like in hobby or fun.

Understanding and gaining knowledge with full focus is the goal, not to serve too many hours sitting in a chair studying. Their main target is to understand and memorize the topic for later description.

11. They Don’t Miss Classes

Toppers don’t miss classes without any genuine reason. In this way, they learn everything a teacher taught.

12. Toppers Dream For a Successful Future

Dreaming of a successful future keeps a man highly motivated for his job. In fact, this is a goal for which a man struggles.

All toppers have a dream to be successful in the future. Some want to become a teacher, army officers, doctors, or scientists. This dream helps them keep studying and hardworking.

Furthermore, they believe in themselves about what they are doing are thinking.

13. Celebrate Achievements Occasionally

It is most important to relax your mind and body with regular breaks. Toppers celebrate their achievements. It is a way of Keeping Yourself Motivated.

14. Get Interested in What They Are Studying

The last thing but not the least is interest. Interest is the most important factor in success. Toppers take interest in studying. They don’t feel it is boring. To be a topper, you need to take a deep interest in the study. Here is how you can make your study interesting.

Tips for Struggling Students

  • First, follow all the Points Mentioned about Toppers
  • Start Studying From the Beginning of the Year
  • Create an Environment
  • Understand the Topic
  • Clear Your Goals
  • Memorize by Examples
  • Find out Your Weak Points
  • Start Learning from your Mistakes
  • Don’t leave today’s Work on Tomorrow
  • Writing Practice which You Read
  • Complete Your Sleep
  • Ask Questions
  • Learn From Your Mistakes
  • Engage Discussions
  • Practise Makes a Man Perfect
  • Teach others (littles)
  • Follow Previous Paper Pattern
  • Complete all your Assignments at the Time
  • Group Study with those who Don’t Waste your time
  • Keep off all your Distractions like Mobile etc
  • Don’t Engage with Distracting Classmates
  • Listen to Motivational Speakers
  • Adopt Toppers Company
  • Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Difference between Topper and Dumb

All humans are intelligent. The difference is topper works hard and gives too much time to study without losing confidence whereas a dumb student doesn’t work hard and doesn’t follow the instructions of the teacher.

Albert Einstein believed that everyone could become a genius if he works hard. Eventually, everyone can become a Genius. A ‘Genius has 1% talent and 99% hard work.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.”

Don’t compare yourself with any other. Just give your best to achieve the best.