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Nowadays, it has become a culture of our societies that studying too much is necessary to score high grades. But, overstudying can be harmful to your health and even to your career.

In our education system, teachers make us feel like we have to study a lot for long hours, then we will be successful. Parents, teacher, and other guardians force their children to study for long hours. And if we don’t make good high grades then we consider ourselves failures.

To gain high scores on the exam, students struggle and sometimes they overstudy. Some other book lovers also overstudy. In fact, hard work is a rule of success. In some ways, it is a fact but, when it becomes excessive it can harm you physically, mentally, and even academically.

But for achieving one success you can’t lose many other things. Over-studying can result in negative health effects and many other problems.

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Signs/Symptoms of Overstudying

There is a question: How much studying is too much? It is important to note that, are these symptoms found in me, in my child, or in my students. If you succeed in diagnosing the problem, you can find a solution for that problem.

You Feel Boring While Studying

When you are studying and not feeling interested in the topic.

You feel tired but still working on it, which means you are doing something over. When you feel bored, it is a symptom of overstudying. Boring is like you are feeling your study as a burden. You don’t pause it, even if you don’t get enough information.

People Say You Are a Book Warm

It is often that people name a book warm to those students who study too much for a day long.

If you stick with your books or notes every time, you will look like a bookworm. You will be cut off from your social life. You will leave your hobbies and games.

Not Taking Interest in Social Life

When you are studying and not taking an interest in social life indicates that you are overstudying. Social life has an important role in one’s healthy life.

You don’t give importance to meeting your friends. You don’t spend time with your family. Over-studying can cut off you from your social life.

Not Responding Even Important Messages

If you study all the time and don’t have any moment to reply to even important emails and text messages, means you are over-studying.

When we live in a society, we all need to interact with someone. But when you are too busy every time in your study, you can’t respond to your important text messages or calls.

Not Retaining Information Exact/Anymore

When you are reading a topic a number of times for a long time, but not retaining exact information. You are reading the topic but you can’t focus on what you are actually reading. It may be a sign of overstudying.

Your Eye is Twitching

Your eyes can’t focus when you are overstudying. When you feel that your eyes can’t focus more on the books, means you are overloading and it can harm your eyes.

Variations in Sleep

Sleep is a vital biological function. Dozing while studying, in classrooms, or while eating food.

Lack of sleep isn’t just bad for your body, brain, and soil in about a billion different ways, but it can also directly impact the productivity of your study sessions if you study late at night without any plan.

Not Eating in the Right Way

Reaching late for dinner or lunch. Thinking about studying while eating.

Bad/Harmful Effects of Over-Studying

It is a famous statement that “Excess of everything is bad”. The phrase speaks for itself. “Excess” (More than the required amount) of everything is “bad” (bad/harmful/not good).

Too much studying can produce stress and tension. An unhealthy body can’t produce healthy and positive thinking. Overstudying can affect our brain, health, social life, and exam results.

There are a number of bad effects of overstudying:

Tension, Depression, and Stress

If we don’t plan our studies and keep ourselves busy studying for long hours without any proper intervals, our bodies will face different kinds of problems like depression and stress. It sometimes leads to long-term problems.

Once you are caused by depression, tension, or stress, you will perhaps fail to achieve your success. Your morale for studying can fall down if you become a victim of such problems.

Researchers say that too much studying can cause brain inflammation and result in memory loss and depression. Things look better at a limit. Tension can have very negative effects on the body and may result in high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or obesity. Loss of memory could happen as a result of such brain problems.

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Causes Headache

Headache is a very dangerous disease for any person, especially for those whose job is related to studying. If someone doesn’t care about studying including reading, writing, teaching, typing, listening, or watching, he/she will face headache problems.

Back Problems

For studying for long hours, we need to sit on a chair for long hours. It causes bone problems. When we sit for a long period, We oppress our bodies.

Physical hobbies should not be neglected because they are crucial to health. Without these hobbies and activities, it can cause feeling tired or sluggish which is bad for our health.

Overstudying Don’t Make You Smart in Life

Students who are habitual to study hard, can’t prove smarter. Such kind of students always thinks a lot before taking any step. They feel wrong to do things in a short and smart way.

Overstudying can’t make us smart in our life. To be a topper in exams, it is important to prepare for exams in a smart way. Even you can pass exams in a short period of time with high grades. Being smart to survive in this modern life is very important.

Overstudying May Lose your Confidence

People study hard for high grades in exams. If you fail to chase desired results, you will fail to maintain your confidence. We can’t say you should not work hard but keep it to a limit and do it with a proper plan.

Overstudying Snatches Social Life Happiness

Overstudying keeps us away from social life. We prefer our study to meeting with our loved ones. We don’t go out for tea. We don’t arrange to get to gathers.

Overstudying Keeps You Away From Friends and Family

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When you overstudy, you cut away from your friends and family. You don’t consider them more important than your studies. But if you work hard with a timetable, you will have enough time for your daily goals.

Overstudying Snatches Your Sleeping Taste

Sleep plays an important role in memory, both before and after learning. If you don’t get proper sleep, it affects your motivation, energy level, mood, and other senses. After all these things, your study will definitely affect you.

Learning and memorizing are directly associated with proper sleep. Researchers say that quantity and quality of sleep have a great impact on learning and memorizing. Read more about healthy sleep.

Students Use Drugs to Release Stress

Some students feel studying is a burden when they are advised to study hard for long hours. When they don’t mentally accept and do this activity as per their guardian’s suggestion, they are finally addicted to drugs.

Some people exercise to study late at night for long hours, they feel stressed and don’t have any idea what they are doing wrong. They consider it due to some other reason and use drugs to release stress and depression-like problems.

Underperforming in Exams

When you have a habit of making things hard and don’t adopt a smart way of processing, you will use this technique in final exams too. Studying too hard can result in underperforming in exams.

The next question raised at this point is how much studying is too much per day. It all depends upon your health condition. But a maximum of 8 to 10 hours of study is not too much if you don’t feel any harder on your health.

How to Avoid Overs Studying?

You may study for a long period of time rarely due to some genuine reason, but not in your daily routine.

  • Plan Your Study: Set priority for subjects and topics
  • Follow Time Table: Include social activities, physical games, and hobbies in your daily routine
  • Take Regular Breaks: You must take a regular break of 10 to 15 minutes after one hour of studying
  • Work Smartly: Don’t make studying tough, you don’t need to overstudy for success, just be smart for tests and exams

Can Too Much Studying Cause Brain Damage?

Yes, overstudying can cause mental distractions and make it difficult to retain information. You can’t absorb new information in your long-term memory if you don’t take regular intervals in your study.

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