16 Tips to Make Child Interested in Studying and Learning

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Do you want to make your child Interested in Studying? Are you looking for tips to increase your child’s interest in Studies? Then well, we will give you tips on how can you develop your child’s interest in the study. You will learn how to motivate your child to study with interest.

If parents and teachers guide their children properly, no doubt they can perform outstandingly. You have to make little effort to help your child take interest in their study.

Some naturally born good learners but, others could be if they are polished and well treated by their teachers and parents. There is only a need to make proper strategies that children can follow and can study with interest.

As education is the most important key to success. It is very important thing to give children proper guidance that they can study and learn new things without any hesitation.

Parents care about their child’s future and want to help them in every aspect of life. But, some parents make mistakes, and their child failed to do well. We will explain to you what steps you can take and what should avoid.

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Tips to Make your Child Interested in Studying

First of all, we will give you tips that will help you to create interest in your child to study. You should know that only book reading is not study and learning. There are a number of other social activities that help a child to learn and make an interest in reading and writing.

1. Create an Environment that Encourages Studying

It is a very important to choose a place where a child can sit for study. If you can manage, a separate place can help you to set the routine and distraction-free environment for homeschooling. There, you can arrange things like proper lighting, a timetable, a mini library and graphic arts on the wall.

A specific place for the study will create interest in your child. This will help children to study with concentration.

2. Make Things Easy, Interesting and Fun for them

You should try to make study easy for them. You can make a timetable listing both study work and their entertainment activities. You can add breaks between subjects. You can divide tasks into chunks. Dividing tasks of studying will not bore your child. This is called a Pomodoro cycle.

Give children practical life examples that they can understand better. Only reading is not important. Understanding the actual meaning and purpose is important.

Make some fun to keep them engaged. Bring some unexpected moments and surprise them and make them laugh. These activities should be limited. Also keep in mind that, don’t let them take you easy, if they will, you will be in trouble and children will act disobediently.

  • You can get them to make diagrams and cartoons on paper.
  • Tell them interesting and inspirational stories on daily basis.
  • Identify your child’s interest hobby and help him to enjoy it.
  • Game-based learning.

3. Introduce Different Learning Style

Every child is different in picking different things. You can’t apply one method for all students. You may need to understand the interest of learning style which your child like.

There are seven fundamental learning styles which are: Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Logical (mathematical), Social and Solitary. You need to study your child’s interest and adopt these learning styles as they required.

Discuss studies, your teaching methods and their interest. Ask them to suggest studying style which they like. You can read a full guide on different learning styles.

4. Use Technology for Interesting Study

You are living in modern era. You can take help from technology to make interest of your child’s in study.

Use Video Games specially designed for study purposes. According to the age and class level of your children, you can download mobile and PC games free and paid for making interest in the study of your children. Mobile apps, Tablets, projectors, electronic toys help kids in learning. It is a good way to learn with fun.

Use Rhymes for kids. Audio and video on a topic will ease your child to learn. Buy toys that help to learn math, alphabets and other subjects. This is an interesting way of teaching and studying while your child is playing. You can download free and paid courses and different apps for kids.

5. Set Goals/Targets

You have to set some goals that will help to keep studying on regular basis. A timetable according to the school syllabus should be planned. Setting goals makes a child habitual and in this way, an inspiration and routine will be formed. Setting goals is important for any project. Your children study is the main project you have to complete it perfectly.

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6. Help them where they Face Difficulty

When your child faces any difficulty related to study or in any other activity, help them to solve the problem. You can give them a little time first that they can try by themself. If no success, then you can help them. In this way, they will not lose their interest in work.

Give them a free hand to make their opinion and listen to their complaints. You will find what they like and what don’t like. Then make things according to their interest.

7. Give them Practical Examples

Giving practical examples will make a better understanding of the topic. This will help them to learn easily in a short time. In this way, interest will be developed in studies.

This is a visual learning style that is very important for learning in every age of life. Most successful schools in the world focus on the practical ways of delivering knowledge.

8. Be a Role Model for them

Children follow the environment and learn what their parents are doing. If there is an environment of study that everyone is involved in studying for a specific time, they will be inspired and will know that they also have to study. If you want your youngers and child to study, you have to set a role model for themself.

9. Celebrate the Achievements and Appreciate them

Celebrating achievements is an excellent way of motivating children to study more. No matter the achievements were small or big, achievements should be entertained. If they got good marks in-class tests or in any other school activity, you can gift them chocolate as a reward.

10. Make a Strong Friendly Relation with Child

When you are going to handle kids, you have to make a friendly relation with them. If they are close to you and can share their thoughts, you can better understand their nature and requirements. They will feel free to say what they want. Then it will be easy for you to teach and follow the goals you planned.

11. Remove Distractions

When reading books or practicing writing, make sure all the distractions are removed and a free environment for study with concentration. TV, Mobile, PC, Sports items, Toys, video games and other gadgets. Technology use is an extra thing that may include hobbies and extra curriculums.

12. Let them to Do Your Self (DIY)

This is a way of learning new things and be creative. When children do some things by themself, an interest develops. They will ask questions and you can guide them in this way.

If you want your child to be creative and independent in life then give them an opportunity to learn things on their own.

13. Motivate with Success Stories

You have to motivate your child with successful stories. Give examples of Scientists, Scholars, Toppers of the institutes, and any other positive achievements. This is a key that will work for you to develop an interest in children.

14. If you have a Younger Child, keep them Present at Study Time

If you have their elder brother or sister, you have to make a class scenario. Studying together creates an interest in a child’s routine. They will be inspired by each other.

If their class friend involves in the study, it will be very helpful for them. You can make competitions among children and can give a prize to the winner.

15. Positive Attitude towards Your child

You have to adopt a positive attitude towards the children when studying. Your positive attitude will reflect in the character of your children.

16. Patience is the Key when Treating Children

When you are treating your children or at study time, be patient. If they make a mistake don’t punish them. You have to correct them in a very cool manner.

Avoid these Things in Child Relation

There may raise some questions like, what should I do when my child refuses to study? So, here are some tips for you to work on it.

1. Stop Comparing your Child with other Children

Every child is not born with the same God gifted qualities. Some are born naturally readers and geniuses. Even no one is born useless.

Every child is born with different abilities and characteristics. You have to find the natural talent of your boy, not to compare it with the other child. Don’t force your child to do what the others are doing. Some things are common to do like reading, writing, eating, sleeping, playing and many others to count. There may be a different way of reading and writing which your child likes to do.

So don’t compare your child to adopt the way that others are following.

2. Don’t through your High Expectations on your Child

You have to do efforts to make them successful and interested in the study. When they are on track, definitely succeed to achieve big goals. Don’t build very high expectations. if they fail to achieve what you are thinking, this will hurt you. Just focus on following rules to create their interest in the study and let the result for the future.

3. Don’t Be Boring

Never bore the children with long time tasks or overtime study. Ask them, do you understand the topic, got it? If they say yes, then continue. Take breaks regularly.

4. Don’t Ignore

Don’t ignore your child’s opinions, thinking and other complaints they are facing. Always encourage them with a solution. You have to find the root cause of the problem. If your child demands a gift you can afford, which is no harm and according to the age of your child, buy it and offer it to your child.

5. No Over Time

Children are children, keep in mind that they are not thinking as you are. You think that over time you can achieve more good results, but your child doesn’t deserve this thinking.

Although if they are feeling interested in the topic they can take a little more time to keep enjoying their study. Maybe you have free time, but don’t apply it to your child to study more. Keep things under the limit especially when you are treating a child.

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