12 Tips to Focus on Study when Depressed [Mental Health Tips]


We can’t focus on our work when we are infected by any problem in our lives. I’m going to discuss the top tips to study effectively when depressed.

When talking about studies along with tension, depression, anxiety, or any other sadness, we can’t concentrate on our studies. Depression and/or anxiety can severely impact our capacity to focus on education. If we don’t work on how to deal with depression and anxiety, we can’t survive in our life.

Whether you are a student of a school, college, or university, or a reading lover, you need to know what is the problem that you can’t focus on your study. I will discuss how to deal with such problems to fully focus on your studies.

There are a lot of reasons for being distracted and discouraged. When we live in shared accommodations, such problems arise. On the other side, if we are living on our own, feeling isolated or detached from other people can also be problematic.

As I’m not going to discuss depression-like problems here, the solution to concentrating on the study is our goal. But, let us first discuss a little about depression and sadness to better understand and deal with such problems.

Depression: Depression is a common and serious medical condition, that negatively affects how you think, feel, and act. Being depressed causes feelings of sadness, out of focus, loss of interest, and pause in your goals. It can lead to a variety of negative emotions and physical problems. It can decrease our ability to work and distract us from our studies. Depression is a mood disorder. There is good news that this disease is treatable.

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Tips to Focus Study when Depressed [Working Tips]

Can you study if you have depression? Really not! Depression makes it hard to study. Being focused on your work is the key to success.

We can achieve hard things and can solve any complexity when we hard work with concentration. Depression affects our studying. When we are depressed or sad, we can’t deliver 100% results that may be at our fingertips. We can’t complete jobs that are too easy for us in case we are depressed. Depression makes you even get very bad grades.

The same situation is for study, if we are depressed, anxious, sad, sorrowful, unhappy, regretful, dejected, downcast, or discouraged, we can’t focus on our study goals. Here I’m going to share some working tips and tricks for you to stay focused on your studies.

1. Dig Out Your Problem

The very first step to adopt is that you have to find out the problem of why you are being distracted from your study. When you succeed in finding out the reason for your depression, you can overcome it.

You may have one or more in your life that are mentioned above. Self-awareness is the first key to tackling such problems.

You may be facing a problem that does not actually exist in your life. You have to think positively, be positive, and be positive in every situation. Educate yourself on depression.

I assure you that if you succeed in finding out the major reason for your depression and sadness, you can get rid of this problem.

Are you going to overstudy? Don’t overschedule your study. Excess to everything is bad. You have to study smart, not hard. Adopt a Pomodoro technique for studying.

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2. Consult a Psychiatrist

When you fail to find out the problem by yourself, consult your psychiatrist. It is he, who can help you to diagnose your problem and can suggest you a better solution.

3. Warm Up Yourself Before Study Hours

Write down the syllabus part which you are going to study. Try to forget your past mistakes and use them as an experience and motivation.

Take a cup of tea. Use a notebook and clock to mark the points you have done. Use reminders for different goals.

4. Adopt an Appropriate Environment for Study

Arrange a peaceful place where you can study without any distractions i.e. noise, debates, children, TV, or Mobile.

With the presence of distractions, we can’t focus on our studies.

5. Try Alternate Tools to Study

Make your study interesting and easy. Use different tools like e-books, mobile apps for study, laptops, or arrange a group of friends to study.

When your study will be interesting, your focus will be on your study.

6. Plan Your Study Life

Plan your study: Make a timetable for your study and follow the routine.

Manage your time, get proper sleep, Play physical and digital games, eat healthy food, exercise daily, and best utilize your leisure time in good interesting hobbies. Plan out your week effectively.

7. Get Motivation

High motivation is a golden factor to beat stress. Even after losing, we don’t lose if we are motivated and confident.

Listen to motivational speakers in your leisure time. Meet with positively motivated friends.

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8. Cut Out Distractions

Deduct all time-wasting activities from your life. Avoid distractions like social media use and mobile chats during study hours.

To fully concentrate on your studies, you have to leave all distractions at that time.

9. Adopt Some Interesting Hobbies

Good hobbies help us to boost our energy and it releases our tension, depression, and sadness. So, if we plan some good and interesting hobbies, it will help us to focus when studying.

Listening to your favorite music, watching a movie, cooking, gardening, photography, and computer games are some examples.

10. Present Mentally Not only Physically

A very important point about studying with concentration is that you have to be present mentally not only physically.

If you are reading something but thinking about other matters, it can’t prove helpful for gaining knowledge. And when you don’t have knowledge after reading, it is just a waste of time. Your focus will be lost when not present mentally on the statement you are studying.

11. Tell Your Course Tutor About Your Difficulties

If you are a student of the school, college, or university then you can discuss your problem with the concerned teacher.

A teacher can help you to deal with your difficulty with the subject.

12. Share Your Problem with Your Close and Loyal Friend

A good loyal friend can help you overcome your depression.

If you think that the reason for your sadness could be solved by sharing it with your friend, then don’t wait for more to discuss it with your friend.

Causes of Depression that Don’t Allow Us to Focus on Studies:

There are a number of causes that vary from situation to situation. But here I will discuss some major reasons. You may or may not have some problems but you need to consider all these to find out your actual problem of distraction.

  1. The Burden of Work: One of the common reasons for depression in a student’s life is the burden of coursework. When a student can’t complete his/her assigned work, he/she may suffer from depression-like diseases.
  2. The Complexity of Subject: The complexity of the course subject is another reason for the depression. Every student is not interested in every subject. And some students take it too seriously. Taking too much seriously can cause a problem, not a solution.
  3. Differ in Expectations: It is a common reason for depression for every kind of person that our expectations differ from reality in life. If the topic doesn’t match with students’ interests, it can lead to a problem for them.
  4. Lack of Motivation: Good motivation can help us to survive and beat depression in study life.
  5. Lack of Confidence: If someone has a lack of confidence, he can suffer from depression even if there is no reason.
  6. Bad Hobbies: If a student is surrounded by bad hobbies and activities, those hobbies can push him to depression disease which can distract him from his studies.
  7. Sleeping Disorder: Sleep refills your cognitive tank. If you don’t get proper and regular sleep, it can affect your physical and mental health. And when you are mentally disturbed, you can’t focus on your study. Insomnia is a reason for depression.
  8. Bad Company: Bad friendships and other links to negative people can cause depression.
  9. Medical Conditions: Someone may become a patient of depression due to some critical condition of the disease.
  10. Family History: A bad family history can lead to depression for a student. Early childhood trauma, poorness, strictness, and so many other reasons may involve distraction in studying.
  11. Fail or Fall in Love: Falling or failing in love or relation is also a way of distraction from study. Cheating in love can depress and cause anxiety. People use drugs to release tension.

Some other causes include Lifestyle Issues, Studying Style, Psychological Factors, and Informal Needs as well.

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How to Focus on Study When in Relationship/Love?

Love and friendship are a part of life. A good companion is a source of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. But you have to set some priorities and limitations to focus on your study. You may be rejected or disappointed and depressed due to this reason. In this case, you can’t focus on your study. But adopting these tips can help to concentrate on your studies.

Give Priority to Your Study: You have to give priority to your study over your relationship. You have to set some limits and avoid girls in college or university because your first goal is to study not make relationships with girls. Read about, how to avoid girls in college or university.

Self Control is the First Cure: The control of your mindset and thinking is the key to avoiding useless things. You have to kill your emotions.

Don’t overthink about your love: You should avoid overthinking about your relationship or love. Don’t put it on your head every time.


1. Does depression make it hard to study?

Yes, we can’t focus on our studies when we are infected by any problem like depression.

2. Does depression affect your ability to focus?

Yes, you can not focus on any topic when affected by depression.

3. How does depression affect your studies?

Depression and Anxiety can harm your academic performance, hurt your health, and mind, and promote underachievement.

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