Top Tips to Handle Naughty, Troublesome, and Difficult Students

Naughty Students

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Are you facing trouble handling/deal the naughty, difficult, and disrespectful behavior of students? Do you want to know what to do when your class is out of control? I will help you in this matter by sharing reasons and solutions. You can deal with troublesome students who are disrespectful and rude in class.

When a new academic year commences, it is common at every level of class that teachers face naughty students even at the university level. Sometimes, whole classes go out of control due to many reasons.

I faced hundreds of students who were naughty and disrespected. Whether you are a teacher at school or at home you may face such problems and want solutions for this troublesome. I have mentioned the reasons that may involve their naughty and rude behavior. I have listed all the tips that I observed from my experience and from many other teachers who already handled such kinds of students.

Keep in mind that, there is a difference to handle different age levels of students. I will suggest according to the age and class level of students. You can’t treat every student with the same strategy. You can use these tips when a student refuses to work in class.

Keep in mind that you are a teacher, going for improvements not to punish your students to make them esteem you. These tips will help you deal with misbehaving students.

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Tips to Handle Naughty/Troublesome Students

When you find out the reason why students become naughty, you need can follow these tips. You have to set your expectations clearly for the students. You need to know what to do when your class is out of control. You can also regain control of your class. These smart classroom management rules and secret works for every class.

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1. Dig out the Problem

The very first step is to identify that, is actually a student is difficult or just you feel him/her troublesome? Some students are not actually troublesome, naughty, or difficult. They just need to be noticed and well guided.

2. Your Positive Behavior to Students

Your positive behavior makes your students obedient and respectful. It is key to success when you’re going to handle a naughty and difficult student. You should always adopt positive behavior from everyone in the class.

If you behave positively and succeed to make trust, believe me, you can persuade for anything you want. What you will deliver, you will get the same in its response.

In this way, you can regain control of a high school classroom.

3. Stay Calm every time with Students

Remember, you should stay calm every time either your students make any mistakes or misbehave with you or other students. This will make a positive impact on his behavior. You just need to handle the current situation wisely.

If you will lose your temperament or make angry, you may act negatively.

4. Talk to them Privately

You should talk to naughty students privately and discuss the problem they are doing. Identify to root causes of their troubles and difficulties why there are at this stage.

Ask them in a friendly way if they are doing bad things. Identify their family background and their friends. If problems are in the family, then discuss them with their parents to improve their life circle. You can advise them about choosing their friends.

5. Talk with their Parents

If you found that your student’s bad behavior is due to his family background, you should talk to their parents. You can call them or arrange a meeting. You can talk to parents in the presence of students. You can share the problem with parents and suggest they make your environment according to your child’s well-being.

6. Help them Choosing Best Friends

The behavior of friends reflects on students’ habits. If a student has bad friends, definitely bad habits will be found in students also.

You can guide the students about their friends. Friends may be in class, in school, in college, or in the society, in which they are living.

7. Use Humor to Handle the Situation

It is the best technique to handle the misbehaving and naughty students to handle them with your humor. In this way, they will not feel insulted and will follow your instructions. But don’t let them take you easy.

8. Develop Trust with Students

When dealing with naughty and rude students, you need to develop trust with them. By developing trust, they can admit what you say. They will obey and follow the rules because they trust you.

Teenagers need more trust as they are in the grooming stage of life. They examine every aspect that is treated to them.

9. Make Students Busy in-class Activities

When a student is busy with an activity, he will not find any extra time to do bad activities. This is a very good working technique to handle your classroom behavior. Always keep them engaged in some activity.

10. Be Friendly, But Don’t let them Take you Easy

Setup a friendly environment with some refreshment activities but keep in mind, that not let your students make it easy to do anything that they want. In this way, they can express their thoughts.

If someone wants to do funny stuff or magic, then consider it and let them know that you should participate in school or college functions.

11. Don’t Punish to Make them Obedient

Punishing a student is not a solution to dealing with naughty students. Some teachers use punishment to cope with the naughty students. But, we don’t prefer it because there are many other options available to tackle this situation.

Students need care and good helping behavior to keep them on track.

12. You can Use Warnings

You can use warnings if needed, to bring them on the track like being struck off from school. A fine for breaking class rules. A complaint to their parents. This will help you to handle naughty students.

13. Make Discipline Rules for Class

Make a list of class rules and put them on the wall in front of students. They will read and keep in mind what kind of things needs to follow. This is a tip that works mostly. You can learn classroom rules for students.

14. Listen to Complaints

If students have any complaints or issues with them, you should just listen and make a solution for them. If you don’t pay attention to cope with complaints, your student will make a bad opinion of you. He may also try by himself to solve it.

For example, A student slaps another. If you don’t listen to the complaint, he will slap back and you will count him with a naughty label. This is not a fair policy by you. You have to handle the situation correctly and justifiably.

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15. Don’t Ignore their Queries/Complains

You need to examine your class – what they are doing?. Round to the class after some time. Don’t ignore any students. Make sure you and they are making perfect eye contact. If they have any questions, answer them.

16. Give them Better Instructions

Proper guidance and a good way of knowledge delivery are key factors to handle naughty students. If students a convinced and impressed by your behavior, they will also behave well in response to you. Your goal should be about helping your students, not throwing your knowledge.

  • Make friendly eye contact
  • Don’t be complex
  • Ask questions i.e. Did you get it?
  • Ask their opinion about class rules

17. Ask them to Repeat the Lesson/Material which I Presented

This makes your students active and conscious about the topic you are going to deliver. They will pay attention and avoid misbehaving and talking to others in the class.

18. Appreciate when they are Improving

When you see that student is on track and try to improve. Appreciate him/her and motivate them to keep it doing their best.

19. Be Patience, Results will not come Immediately

When you try these methods, perhaps results will not show on the spot. You need to have patience and keep doing well until succeed in your mission. I’m sure you will succeed to bring up your student to be good obedient and respectable students.

If you apply these rules, I guarantee that you can also deal with angry parents of students.

In fact, these classroom management secrets.

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Types of Difficult Students:

Naughty, Disruptive, troublesome, disrespectful, disobedient, stubborn, talkative, irregular, laughing without any reason, rude students, arguing with the teacher. You have to know what makes you difficult.

Reasons Behind the Naughty and Disobedient Students

You should know about the reasons why and how your student became naughty and difficult before going to deal with naughty students:

1. Family Background

This is the main reason why a student is naughty and difficult to handle is the family background.

If a student comes from a well-mannered and educated family, he/she will be obedient, respectful, and well-mannered. But on the other hand, if the family background is not good in terms of discipline and the society in which they are living, the situation will be the opposite.

2. Their Relation and Friendship with bad Students

If your student’s friends are naughty and disobedient, there are 95% chances that your student will also be naughty.

“If you choose bad companions, no one will believe that you are anything but bad yourself.” (Aesop).

If a student or any other person has a bad companion, their bad qualities are also reflected in the friend also.

3. Bad Academic Experience

Bad academic experience is when the previous teachers may mislead or negatively behave in class or with some students. Teachers’ rude behavior and misguiding make students out of control. In this way, students adopt rude behavior and disrespect their teacher.

4. Wants to Impress others with their Humor

If your student’s humor is funny or they are over clever then, they will try to impress others with their naughty and funny actions.

Sometimes it is good but not every time. These are natural abilities you should never ignore but you need to make a strategy on how to give them the opportunity how to give them a chance in school activities to polish their skills. Furthermore, you can check the types of students in the class to better understand the psychology of students.

5. Natural Born Humorous

Some students are naturally born humorous but their way of expressing themselves is not correct. In this way, other people don’t like and consider them naughty and difficult for them. You need to know this reality. You can manage it with the solutions I’m going to discuss with you.

6. They find it Difficult to Express their Feelings

In fact, students’ behavior (good or bad) is a way of communication. If a student misbehaves, it means there is something that he/she could not express.

It may be fun, anger, a wish, or a question. For this situation, you have to find out the reason behind the hesitation.

7. Your High Expectations

You (as a teacher) may have some high expectations from your student. Like, if you want your student to be busy with their study every time, it may cause fall them in disobedient.

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