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MCQs Crack

Preparation and attempting MCQ-based exams need special attention and concentration. It doesn’t matter how hard you have studied and prepared, the selection of wrong answers can ruin your yearlong hard work. But if you make a smart guess in multiple-choice questions and reach the correct answer, you will secure your exam and can get higher marks. Here I’m going to share top tips and tricks to crack MCQ.

Using these cracks and tips doesn’t require hard work but good logic. These tips will surely help you solve MCQs efficiently.

With the passage of time, the complexity of the paper scheme has also increased. There are multiple types of exams and tests introduced. Examiners and educational institutes change their test-taking policies as time passes.

MCQ is a question that provides multiple options for answering. It requires respondents to select the only correct answer(s) from the given choices. MCQs are mostly used in competitive exams, educational testing, customer reviews, elections, etc.

Parts of Multiple Choice Questions:

Basically, a multiple-choice question consists of three parts:

  • Stem: A stem is a question or part of a question.
  • Answer: In multiple-choice questions, there are one or more correct answers from multiple choices.
  • Distractors: Distractors are irrelevant choices.

Types of MCQs:

  1. Single Answer MCQ
  2. Multiple Answer MCQ
  3. Verbal MCQ
  4. Non-Verbal MCQ

1. Single Answer MCQ

In single-answer MCQs, there is only one correct answer from all given choices. You have to mark only a single option as a correct answer. In this type, a radio button is given to every option.

2. Multiple Answer MCQ

In multiple answers MCQs, there is more than one correct answer to select. In this type, checkboxes are given to every option

3. Verbal MCQ

Verbal MCQ questions contain text form analogies. The question is asked in plain text form and plain text options.

4. Non-Verbal MCQ

In non-verbal MCQ questions, options are in picture form. You are given some confusing shapes or illustration that describes the logic of the question.

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Tips and Tricks to Solve MCQs:

Preparation with hard work is not enough to compete and be a topper in the exam. After the complete preparation of the syllabus, you need to adopt a working strategy to solve the paper or test. You need to work smartly. Multiple-choice questions are mostly tricky and confusing. But a smart and active mind can solve and crack them very easily.

1. Understand the Question Properly

For any tricky question in any kind of exam, understanding is the first trick to answering it correctly. Your proper concentration and understanding can help you to know the correct answer without watching the multiple options.

You may not know the right answer, but your focus on the paper and the logic of the question about what the examiner wants to ask can help you even in hypothecate and hypothesis. You can guess the correct answer which is closer to the right by fully understanding the question. So, you first read the question carefully and then move to the given options.

2. The Elimination Method

When you fully understand the question, read all the options and neglect those options that are far away from the question. If there are 5 available options, you have to select only one. Neglect the option that you feel totally different and irrelevant. After eliminating one option, you will have 4 in total. Same like this, eliminate one by one and finally, you will have your final correct answer.

3. Don’t be Hurry

Read all the options even if you are sure about the right answer.

Scenario 1: If you find the first answer correct, don’t mark it before reading all the following options. There may be more than one correct answer and the correct option will be “all of the above”. In such a case, you need to mark for the “all of the above” option.

Scenario 2: If the question is in such a form that asks for selecting the wrong option from the given options. And when you read the first is right and you mark the first quickly, then you will ruin the result.

4. Read At Least Two Times

Read the question at least two times before marking it right. MCQ’s designer knows that he is offering the right answer. So, he focuses on confusing and being tricky. To handle tricky questions, you need to become smart. Many times, the choices may appear similar with little changes. In such cases, blind guessing is never going to help you on the paper.

5. Don’t Stick with One Question

Don’t waste time on a single question, just leave it once and attempt those first that are clear to you. It will boost your confidence. If you are confused, then skip it and move forward. Manage your time in the paper. If a paper contains a total of 100 MCQs and you have 100 minutes to attempt, then keep in mind the remaining time and questions.

Attempt those questions first that are easy to understand and you already know the answer. Skip time-consuming and confusing questions for a later attempt.

6. Your Answer Maybe in the Question

Sometimes, the answer is reflected in the question. If you read the question carefully, there are chances that you will find the right answer in the question’s statement. Relate and equate every option one by one to the question.

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7. For All of the Above

When you are sure about the “right answers more than one” and an option for all of the above, your answer is “all of the above”. If there are four options in multiple-choice and you succeed in finding at least two correct options, then it is sure that your answer is “all of the above”.

8. If Funny Option

When you find an option that looks funny, that is not your correct answer from other choices. You can eliminate the funny and joking option if the question is not funny. It depends on the humor of the person who designs the question.

9. The longest Option is Mostly the Right Answer

In some questions, you would have seen one option is very long. There is a high chance this option is the correct as examiner tends to meet the requirements making it right. It is observation, not work every time.

10. Think Logically Without Looking at the Options

If you fail to choose an option, think logically without looking at the choices. Just close your eyes and think creatively. When you find logical reasoning, then match it to the options and select that which is close to your thinking. If there is an option for none of the above, then you can also select this option.

11. Prefer Your First Click

When you can’t guess any exact answer, your first click is the right option. It means the option you feel is correct in the first impression is correct. You can change your decision if you think any other is correct.

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12. Repeating Word in More Than One Options

If one specific word is repeated in more choices. The answer must be one of those choices which have the same word. In such cases, eliminate the odd one and choose from similar options.

Adopting these tips and tricks to crack MCQs will not make sure that your all answers are exact. You can’t rely only on tricks, you need to be fully prepared for the exam in which you will appear. Full preparation is the key to success. These strategies will help you to guess the closest answer. But only guessing and hypotheses don’t help you to compete.

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