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Do you have a short period of time for exam preparation? Are you looking to succeed in exams in less time? Here I’m going to share some tips and tricks about how to Study Effectively for Exams in a Short Time.

Before reading about these tips for exams and study, we will suggest to you that always adopting shortcuts is not a sign of your success in life. These guidelines are just for those, who have any genuine reason for adopting shortcuts. Adopting shortcuts makes a man lazy in life. Make sure that you are not going to make yourself lazy, inactive, and slothful.

First of all, keep in mind that these tips are for a short available time, not for those who have a lot of time or at least enough time to complete academic study. If you have enough time and can secure your preparation by general ways of study, then you should adopt those general ways for succeeding in exams.

Whether you are a school, college, or university student, hopefully, these tips will work if you have less time for your exam preparation. Follow the following tips according to your level of study and exam.

Tips to Prepare Exams in a Short Time

1. Be Determinant

The first step to success is determination and consistency in your work. If you are determinant then you can achieve anything. You have to brainstorm and decide that you will work hard to pass this exam with a good percentage. No matter which class level you have, just make a decision and start working.

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2. Give Priority to Your Study

Leave all unnecessary activities. Make sure that there are no distractions present there (like TV, Movies, Games, Mobile phones, etc). Give priority to your study. Notice your daily routine and kick off all extra and useless activities from your life.

Minimize all relationships like friends meetings etc. In this way, you will save a lot of time studying your books.

3. Arrange All Necessary Study Material

Essential items might include books, notes, pens, pencils, a calculator, and even a bottle of water. Don’t go out to search for any missing thing. This will make sure your attention to your study.

4. Take Motivation

Motive yourself by listening to motivational speakers for a short time. Call your senior and ask questions about their exam.

Listen to motivational speakers in your leisure time. Meet with positively motivated friends. Their suggestions will help you to have an idea about your exam.

5. Be Confident that You Can Do

Deal with stress. Don’t just panic, you can pass this exam if you struggle with it. Nothing is impossible, just need to work hard. If you don’t lose your confidence, your success is sure. Teach other fellows. It will improve your knowledge and confidence.

6. Take Regular Break

Don’t study continuously for long hours. Take breaks regularly according to your energy level and concentration. The best practice is a 10 to 15-minute break after an hour. Adopt the Pomodoro technique for studying. Don’t study only one subject for a long time. Switch to different subjects after some time.

Listen to a piece of music or enjoy your hobby at break time.

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7. Get Sleep Well

Get at least six hours of sleep each night. It will boost your energy level and will help you concentrate on studying. Sleep refills your cognitive tank. If you don’t get proper and regular sleep, it can affect your physical and mental health

Now, here are the Academic Rules and Tips For Exam Preparation in Short Time:

8. Get Syllabus Outline

Read carefully the syllabus outline and note down all main topics. If you don’t know the full syllabus, you can’t study properly. It is very necessary to know about the topic you are going to prepare.

If you don’t know the syllabus, you can’t prepare exactly according to exams.

9. Ask For Paper Pattern

Ask your teacher or trainer for a paper pattern and scheme. After that prepare according to that scheme. Knowing your paper pattern can help you better understand the paper’s requirements.

10. Make a Timetable for Preparation

Time Management is a key to success in any job in life. List down your total time remaining for exams. The best practice is to complete your syllabus before the deadline for the exam.

Cover all Subjects in your timetable. Prioritize those subjects that you feel are difficult.

You may have months or weeks to prepare for the exam, don’t panic, just plan it and go start preparing.

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11. Solve Previous Papers

Must solve previous papers. Solving previous papers will give you an idea about the repeated questions in the exam and about the examiner’s thinking. Then, you have to think like a teacher and examiner. Guess the relevant question and prepare that.

12. First Prepare Most Important and Repeated Questions

From previous papers, you will get an idea about the repeated questions. First of all, prepare questions which are most important and leave others to choose.

13. Don’t Prepare Extra Choice Questions

If there is a paper method in which the examiner asks for an attempt only one of the following two questions. Then decide which one is best suitable for you to prepare.

First, you should leave optional questions on choice and prepare only the required ones.

If you have extra time, then prepare your left choice.

14. Ask for Help

Don’t hesitate to ask for questions and help from a teacher or senior about the problem. They will help you with their solution and experience. Asking for help is a way of clarification of doubts and you can get new ways of learning from your friends and teachers.

15. Arrange a Group Study

If possible, you are sure that your time will not be wasted in group study. Then definitely you should have to study in a group. Mark all problems and ask in the friend’s group. Also, read about the advantages and disadvantages of group study and how to form a study group.

16. It’s Time to Cram

Do not go into deep detail at this stage when you already have a short period of time for preparation.

Prepare those that you understand easily and cram for those that are time-consuming to understand.

17. Don’t Just Stick with Problems

Understand only what you can. Mark those points later which are time-consuming and move forward. You can ask problematic questions to your teacher, a senior, or to a friend. First, prepare easy and short topics which doesn’t require much time.

You can also prepare it from Google or YouTube later.

18. Arrange Notes

Take Notes Not Make notes at this time. Just take notes and prepare for it. It’s not a time to make your own notes. Although, you can read how to make effective study notes from well-guiders.

Exam Hall Tips for You

  1. Before the exam, take a cup of tea or a cold drink according to your choice
  2. Take Your Time. You should take your complete time to attempt your paper. Don’t be hurry
  3. Don’t be nervous
  4. Read all questions carefully
  5. Take all necessary materials for paper attempts like a pen, marker, and wristwatch
  6. Don’t try to cheat
  7. Manage time
  8. Don’t miss any questions

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