11 Tips to Overcome Procrastination in Studying – [BY EXPERTS]


The word procrastination is derived from Latin. “Pro” means forward or in favor of, and “crastinus” means tomorrow. In combine “in favor of tomorrow.”

Procrastination is the conscious act of delaying or postponing tasks until the last moment or past the deadlines. Admittedly, procrastinators often find themselves wasting precious time.

How can your Overcome Procrastination and laziness while studying? What are the reasons that don’t let you work with concentration? Is procrastination became your habit? No more problems after being here. I’m going to share the top effective tips to overcome procrastination or laziness in the study.

You have to ask yourself why are you delaying your scheduled work. First, you have to find out what kind of procrastination or laziness you are facing in your behavior?

After knowing these answers, you can overcome procrastination and laziness in your study life. Everyone procrastinates but, it is not good for your study or professional life.

Are laziness and procrastination the same? Laziness is different from Procrastination, which is the unwillingness to act. When you are lazy, you are not willing to expend effort on your task and just feel fine with the more enjoyable, and easier activities instead.

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I’m sharing the solution to both procrastination and laziness in studying:

Causes of Laziness in Studying

The logical part of our brain knows we need to study and now it’s time, but the emotional part doesn’t care about it.

  • I’m not ready yet
  • Unpleasant tasks
  • There is too much time
  • I will do it tomorrow
  • I’m tired today
  • I have to enjoy today
  • I have to watch the match first
  • I’m feeling bored now
  • No prioritized goals in life
  • Overconfidence or Very Low confidence
  • Distractions
  • Lack of interest and motivation

Sometimes, there are some sudden/urgent/unexpected events and functions that may occur and you couldn’t ignore them. So, we can’t say every delay is laziness or procrastination. We consider it a problem when it is from our side.

11 Tips to Overcome Procrastination and Start Studying

1. Must have a Target Plan

When you have a planned target for your study as well as your other life activities, it will motivate you to work for it. Your plan can remind you of the task you have to do. It is a basic rule of our lives to have a plan.

Proper planning can save us from procrastination, laziness, fear, failing, depression, distractions, and delaying problems.

Remind your plan again and again for your motivation to achieve your goals.

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2. Set Deadlines

A deadline for your goals can help you stop procrastination and laziness in your life. You will never postpone any goal when you have a deadline. Deadline means deadline!

3. Promise Yourself

You should promise to complete your planned activities at the time with no delay. After your promise, be sincere with yourself for your own well-being. Be honest with yourself and don’t compromise your future.

Willpower is not enough. But, overcoming procrastination is not possible just by increasing your willpower as your ‘monkey brain’ will work against you.

4. Let Someone to Accountable for You

Give someone this permission to be accountable for you. It may be a senior, an elder in your family, a teacher, or your friend. They will ask you to report your progress.

You can also be accountable for yourself, but someone else can better perform this duty well as compared to yourself.

For example: Request your senior friend to take a test of chapter# 2 on Monday. Or give your timetable and let him accountable you for the daily progress.

5. Take Motivation Each Day

It is the motivation that keeps us engaged in our duties and responsibilities. When we are positively motivated, we can even achieve those things which look impossible.

Motivation keeps us energetic to do some extraordinary things in life. Your high motivation can save you from procrastination and laziness.

So, you have to take motivation from different sources. You can meet some successful people like toppers, can listen to motivational speakers, can watch a movie, or can even read some short success stories and articles. Stay tuned to the current affairs, inventions, discoveries, and other emotional and inspirational content.

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6. Have Competitors

When you will have competitors in your life, you will try to compete with them. As a result, you will work hard and will not waste any moment in your life. Competitors are the motivation for your progress.

Your academic and professional competitors can help you to stay focused on your work. It is a great indirect way of overcoming laziness and procrastination.

7. Change Your:

Routine: When you have a habit of laziness, it means you have to change your routine. Shuffle your daily tasks and find the best time for your study.

Place of Studying: You may have a place of distractions or any other temptation at your study place then you should change your study place. You can rearrange your table and direction. Make your study place interesting and helpful to your study.

Warm-up before studying

Method of Studying: Change the method of your learning. Watch a video to make your topic easy and interesting. Use task- and time-management apps. Use reminders for your daily schedule work.

8. Make things Easy, Interesting and Fun

When you are planning your study schedule, try to keep it easy and interesting. An easy and fun study timetable can help you stay connected to your scheduled tasks with no worries. Break your tasks into small parts and keep doing them according to the schedule. Adopt Pomodoro…

9. Group Study with Hard Workers

When you have a company of hard workers and punctual friends, they will keep you motivated and busy in your study. A group study can help you beat laziness and procrastination in your studies.

Group fellows will ask you to reach at the time and follow the routine work to maintain the discipline of the group.

It is a very helpful trick to avoid procrastination. But, you have to be careful when selecting group members. Group can also lead you to such laziness due to bad duffer and problematic students.

10. Eliminate Distractions and Temptations

When students have distractions like mobile and social media, they postponed their important work. They give priority to interesting content from mobiles and other gadgets.

So, no mobile phone-like devices should be present during study hours.

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11. Company of Punctual Friends

A company of good friends like group study can help you stay motivated in your life. If your friends are punctual, they will don’t waste your time but will encourage you to do your work on time. So, select your friends carefully and share your study plan with them.

Final Thoughts

All these tips are helpful for developing your interest in the study. If you will follow these pro tips, I’m pretty sure that you will succeed to overcome laziness and procrastination in your studies.

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