Tips to Impress your Students as a Teacher – 17 Effective Tips


If you are a teacher or going to start an impressive way of teaching then follow these top tips to teach your students. Teaching is a very responsible profession. Teaching is a skill, everyone could not be a good teacher. You need to know the way of delivering, presenting, explaining, handling situations and responding, etc.

Here I’m going to discuss some rules and habits you should adopt as a teacher for impressive teaching skills. But before applying all these tips, you should know and follow the campus rules and regulations when you are going to be creative in your class. Don’t go against the rules of the institute. If you are teaching for an institute, review your institute policies first.

If you want to be a successful teacher and want to impress your students with your teaching and character, then follow these tips we are sharing under:

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Tips for Teachers to Impress your Students in Class

1. Teach According to Age and Class Level

Teach according to the age level of your students. If you teach and treat primary-level students like college students, they will not understand your teachings. Know their psycho and deliver according to their interest. Meet them on their level.

2. Start your Class with Topic Intro

Give an introduction about the topic which you are going to deliver.

Write the topic and main points on the whiteboard. Discuss the objectives of the course and topic.

3. Ask About Yesterday’s Class

Before starting the next topic, ask your class about the previous topic. Associate the previous topic with the current topic. It will help them a better understanding. Students will probably come to class with questions about the previous topic. So, if there are any queries, first solve them.

4. Define Classroom Rules and Regulations

You must define a list of rules for your classroom. Make sure that your students follow class rules. It will help you to make a discipline and routine in the class. It is very important to impress your students with your class routine and rules. They will become regular and punctual in their study and in daily life. Afraid them to punish (but don’t) if they break rules.

  • Reach at the time in the classroom
  • Keep all supplies with you
  • No interruption or distractions
  • Be quiet when the teacher lecturing
  • Listen attentively
  • Complete uniform
  • Wait for your turn
  • No food in the classroom
  • Participate in the class activities
  • Keep the class clean
  • Respecting each other

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5. Present Everything Confidently

Your confidence is the key to impressing someone. Confidence is very important for being a successful teacher. Maybe you are not perfect sometimes, but your confidence covers your weakness. Work hard on developing your confidence. Some suggestions for developing your confidence:

  • Match eye contact
  • Show facial expressions
  • Gestures accordingly
  • Free confident body language
  • Learn communication skills
  • Don’t be shy or too modest
  • Move around the room as you teach
  • Prepare well your delivering material
  • Improve your vocabulary
  • Control your speech
  • Vary your pitch according to sentence, raise your volume
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Think Positively
  • Keep Smiling
  • Keep calm

6. Proper Dressing Leave Good Impression

Not only on students, in any other department or in daily life well-dressing leaves a good impression about the personality. As a teacher, you are a role model for the students. So be careful about your dressing and lookup. Always be clean and active.

Presentation is everything that includes what you’re wearing. Wear neat clothes and shoes. It is the most important factor about our personality and impression on others on how we appear physically. Students notice what the teacher looks like.

7. Reach at Time in Class Room

Set an example for students to be punctual and disciplined. If a teacher doesn’t follow the rules, he/she can’t be a role model for students. So, always reach in the class at the time and ask your students too to follow the same rule.

8. Engage Class with Questioning

Ask your students some questions about the topic being presented. Meet their requirements. Learn some key phrases for attention.

  • Ask them “either you got it or not”
  • Ask them “do you understand?”
  • Ask them “Any questions?”
  • “Can I have your attention up here now?”
  • “Let’s come together now.”
  • “Thank you, now let’s move on.”

9. Read their Mind and Act Accordingly

You should read your student’s psycho and meet their requirements. Some students are clever and pick things quickly. But there are some others who can’t pick at first. So, you should know which students are weak in learning. Ask them individually about the topic. You have to pay more attention to such students.

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10. Create an Atmosphere like Family in Your Class

Engage all students to react like they are a family. Create some quizzes and make groups of students. Make groups of students for gaming activities. If there is co-education, then ask them to call each other brother and sister. In Islam, a teacher is like a father. So teach them moral ethics and consider them like your own child. Suggest they share study material with each other.

11. Be Simple and Brief

When you are delivering a topic, don’t be over-smart and complex to your students. Students will probably come to class with questions about the previous topic. So first ask about yesterday’s class. Don’t let them be confused. Be easily understandable.

  • Don’t use difficult wording.
  • Don’t just throw your lecture on them.
  • Use some phrases like “do you understand?” and “Should we move on?”.
  • Vary your instructional strategies.
  • Use demonstrations, discussions, and case studies.
  • Use graphics and charts for better understanding.
  • Give proper relevant examples to explain.

12. Have Plenty of Work Ready

It is a best practice to have plenty of work-ready even if you don’t use it that day. Sometimes you have no time to prepare for your next lecture. So if you are up to date, then it will help you to present without preparation.

13. Personally In Touch with Students

Some students hesitate to ask questions and don’t share their problems in class. So, you should be social with students so that they can share their problems with you, without any fear or hesitation. Let them have a free hand to ask questions in a separate meeting.

14. Giving Respect is a Secret

If you want to impress your students and want to become a successful teacher, you should give respect to your students. In response, definitely they will respect you. They will be impressed by your character and profession. Develop your good behavior with them.

15. Don’t Let Them Take You Easy

For your own respect and good results in the study, you should not let your students get full freehand. It is a caution for you. Be social after class with students but not let them know about your personal matters. If you are telling a story about a bad experience with someone, don’t use a name tag.

You must define some boundaries for discussions, debates, and fun. In fact, your respect is in your own hand. Don’t let them take you easy. They will make you fun if you will share everything with them.

16. Help Struggling Students

Examine your students and find out if there is a struggling student. Ask about their problem and help individually.

17. Leave Class with Future Curiosity/Strange

Leave your class with something that they really don’t want to miss. Make your topic interesting and keep the conclusion hidden till the next class. In this way, they will be excited to join the next class. It is a technique to have full attendance in class. Just introduce an activity and don’t tell them the final results or conclusion. They will have to wait until the next class.

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More Suggestions for Teachers

Ask your senior teachers for suggestions if you face any problems. They know better than others about the culture and ground reality where you are teaching. They have experience with the people and institute.

  • Present by giving examples
  • Use multimedia if available
  • Set a time for their questions and queries
  • Concentrate on your profession and duty
  • Keep your students wondering
  • Encourage your students
  • Give your students new ideas about study and success
  • Complete your presentation work

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