Is MacBook Good for College? | Why do Most College Students Use MacBook?


When a college or university starts, a lot of students look for a new computer/laptop, which they need for their studies. At that stage, students need to know whether they get an Apple or a Microsoft/Google-powered Laptop. Is a Macbook good for college students?

Do you know at least 71% of College Students Prefer Macs Over PCs According to Jamf Survey? So we need to know why over 70% of school and college students use Macbooks, instead of other operating systems and PCs. Is a Macbook good for students? Should students have a Macbook or Windows laptop?  Why are MacBooks better for college?

Well, such questions are already asked several times by several students, teachers, and other people but the answers are not satisfactory. I have spent over 100 hours studying this topic deeply and now I’m answering all of your possible questions.

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Why do Most College Students Use a Mackbook?

These are the factors why Students Choose Macbooks/Macs.

1. Performance Attraction

The performance is a highlight factor of Macbooks to be famous among students. No matter how many programs or apps are running at the same time, there is never a lag in performance. The Mac system runs very smoothly and is responsive no matter how much workload you have on it. It is a good machine for multitasking.

Furthermore, Mac does not require a shutdown or sleep when you close your laptop and opens it without any lagging or becoming slower like Windows (non-Mac OS) does.

However, these Macbook machines are not suitable for those who are looking for high-definition gaming.

2. Design Attraction

From a design perspective, the mac has received better reviews than the PC. Macs have an iconic design, which is better than that of PCs – simple, yet appealing. 

Having this in a backpack is ideal for college as it can easily be carried and looks premier when put on a desk. It is also quite light, so it won’t burden your back or hurt it.

The design may be one of the reasons why Macs are so popular among college students.

Moreover, there’s a bit of cult appeal attached to it. Having a Mac means you sit at your desk with its glowing Apple logo in front of you, showing everyone what your choice is.

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3. Brand Attraction

Brand? Yes….! Students and other people in our societies think that Apple’s products will set a good standard and will make them look like they have great personalities. They want to have Apple’s logo on what they are using. Most students buy it because they think it gives them some form of status.

Despite their cool design and high performance which is quite better, people follow the majority, everyone wants to have a standard in life. We are sensitive to fads, and social norms. As college students are tightly grouped and everyone is aware of what everyone else is using and buying. 

Apple has a reputation for making high-quality computers and other techs that last for a long time. This makes it likely to buy Apple products like a Macbook for college students.

4. Trend of Apple’s Products

Another reason, in my opinion, that students buy Apple laptops is that they already own Apple phones, watches, headphones, and other gadgets. When one is satisfied with the product they currently have, it makes sense to buy more from that company.  Additionally, iPhones and Apple laptops are compatible in a way that a PC and an iPhone aren’t.

Apple phones are hugely popular with students, teachers, parents, and all other types of professionals, so there is no surprise that students gravitate toward Apple laptops.

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5. Fulfills Student’s all Requirements

Macbook fulfills all the requirements of a student including MS word (Available on Windows & Mac), MS PowerPoint (Available on Windows & Mac), MS Excel Spreadsheet (Available on Windows & Mac), and a browser (Available on Windows, Linux, and Mac). So these are the basic needs of a student and a Macbook can provide all of these at their best.

6. Long Battery Life

Apple gives you extra battery time simply because its management of the hardware and the operating system is too strong. It is essential that students have a laptop that can be carried around campus all day without needing to recharge. A Macbook lasts around 13-17 hours on medium-heavy usage on a single charge. So, long battery life is another solid reason to have a Macbook.

7. High Security

I know that most of the students don’t require high security for their e-books, notes, and other personal data as it is important for other businesses but still, it is very secure as compared to other OS. It is free of viruses and malware. You don’t have to subscribe to an antivirus or worry about your OS crashing.

Macs have a reputation for being more secure and less prone to getting viruses and malware than Windows PCs. But, those times have gone after the release of Windows 10.

8. Tech Support

There’s also the tech-support factor of being famous among students. Tech support from Apple is generally better, faster, and easier than from most other laptop manufacturers.

There is an Apple store in every urban area, so you can repair your device or check out a new laptop before buying one. This is an important factor in Apple’s success. When you buy an Apple laptop, you won’t have to wait on the phone for hours to speak with someone to fix it if anything does go wrong.

Is Macbook Good for College or University Students?

It depends on what you are planning on studying at College or University. If you’re not the typical “gamer” and you don’t have to work related to Graphics design, then I’d suggest you buy a Macbook (if you can afford it). If you have a low budget then you should go with something other than Mac. Everything a Mac can do, Windows or Chromebook can also do for students.

As you’re looking for study purposes, you’ll want the majority of the programs your school or college asks you to have. Your basic required software is MS Word (Available on Windows & Mac), MS PowerPoint (Available on Windows & Mac), MS Excel Spreadsheet (Available on Windows & Mac), and a browser (Available on Windows, Linux, and Mac). So, a Macbook is a good option for students along with a number of quality features.

If you’re a gamer and want to enjoy gaming on your laptop in your leisure time, gaming on a Mac is possible, but it will be better on a PC or Windows laptop like Acer Nitro 5. Furthermore, an Apple is not the best option if you are going to work on high-end graphics.

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Does MacBook Worth Spending for Students?

We need to go into detail to find if it is really worth spending to buy a Macbook for school, college, and university students.

Windows and laptops are much more affordable than a Macbook, one can buy a reasonable Windows laptop for around $500, but you will need a budget of at least $1000 to have a MacBook. Most people buy Apple products because they think it gives them some form of status and value.

But the question is why should someone buy a Macbook as it is more expensive than other laptop manufacturers? The answer to this question is all the factors I mentioned above like smooth response without any disturbance, long battery life, high security, design, and trend of Apple products.

The prices of Apple products are always higher than those of most other brands on the market. The reason people invest in them is that they have a high brand value. 

So, we can say that a Macbook is worth spending for college or university students.

MacBook vs. Windows – Which one is Better for Students?

It’s an old debate between computer users: Which is better for university students, a Windows PC or an Apple Mac? This question does not have a definitive answer, of course. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. User preferences and requirements determine which one they choose. Both systems are excellent, but they have significant differences.

Although PCs have their advantages, college students tend to choose Macs over PCs. There is evidence that Windows PCs are more compatible with most software, and are accessible to more information.

Mac is best for just studying and working for those who have a high budget, don’t require a gaming machine, hate short battery life, and want an Apple logo there. 

Pros and Cons of MacBook:

Now take a look at the overall pros and cons of having a Macbook.

Pros of MacBook

High performance: No matter how many programs or apps are running at the same time, there is never a lag in performance. No matter the amount of work you put into it, it is fast, smooth, and responsive.

High Security and Reliability: There are many reasons why Apple is so famous, but security takes the top spot. There is no need to worry about viruses. Viruses or malware won’t affect your browsing experience on the web also. 

Long Battery life: Macbooks provide up to 18 hours of amazing battery life.

Awesome Design: I know design doesn’t matter much in some cases. Yet, sometimes you just have to hold it to appreciate its smoothness and thin profile.

Can install Windows or Linux: With Boot Camp Assistant, you can operate Windows on your Apple Mac. It allows you to easily switch between macOS and Windows just by restarting your Mac once it is installed.

Ecosystem: The Mac works seamlessly with all Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods. You won’t have to worry about connectivity.

Also, Good Apple Customer Service is an advantage to having an Apple laptop.

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Cons of MacBook

High Cost: The MacBook has so many unique features, however, the price is always an issue with all Apple products. The prices attracted only premium buyers. The average person cannot afford even the cheapest Macbook which is around $900. The victory goes to the PC here.

Open source: Apple’s Mac software consists primarily of paid applications that are sold by dedicated companies. While Windows-compatible software is mostly open source.

Can’t upgrade RAM or HDD: Once you decide on a configuration you will have to stick to it. You can’t update it to a high volume.

Not for Heavy games: However, Macbooks are not suitable for those who wish to run intensive software or play high-definition games. A number of reasons can be attributed to this, but the main reason is the absence of high-end video cards. Games today require a high amount of graphics processing power and CPU power, which these devices do not have. In addition, it is not suitable for high-end graphics work.

A limited number of ports is also another disadvantage of the Macbook.

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Experts’ Opinion on Macbooks for Students

Believe it or not, Most people who buy Macs do not even know how to use them properly or take full advantage of the Mac software. College is ridiculously expensive, and usually, those who buy the Mac do so because they see it as a status symbol.

Mac is best for just studying and working for those who have a high budget, don’t require a gaming machine, hate short battery life, and want an Apple logo there.

Another thing to consider when you decide between a Mac and a PC, is the other devices you have, such as; mobile phones, tablets, headphones, gaming consoles, Apple TVs, and other tech products. If you are an Apple user then I will suggest you select a Macbook.

Statistically suggesting, PC seems to be a better choice for students when regards to low cost, system compatibility, open-source software, and high-end gaming.

So, if you can afford it, you must have a Macbook.


1) Do College Students Prefer Mac or PC?

The short answer is a Macbook, Definitely Yes. Over 70% of School, College, and University students prefer to have a Macbook or Mac for their study purposes due to several reasons. MacBook offers long battery life, famous brand, design attraction, and performance are the main factors for their preference for Macbook. I’m consuming here a non-MacOS Laptop as a Windows laptop.

2) Is Macbook good for online classes?

As early as the original iMac, Apple marketed its computers directly to consumers and students. Companies began offering ‘i’ series computers specifically designed for internet use. Thus, they grabbed the attraction of online companies, professionals, and students. Also, there is no security threat regarding online browsing. Finally, it is best for online classes.

3) Should College University Students get a MacBook or Windows Laptop?

Both have their own pros and cons. If you have a high budget then choose a Macbook. Else go for a Windows or Chromebook.

4) Is a Macbook good for graphic design students?

Somehow, but not perfect. A windows laptop with high-definition GPU is required for a graphics designer to work at its best.

5) Is a Macbook good for computer science students?

Yes, a Macbook is perfect for computer science students. Also, note that a Mac is the only platform that can be used to develop iOS apps. So if you want to create iOS apps, a Mac is the only way to go.

6) What MacBook do most college students use?

MacBook Pro M1. You can visit to read more about this product.

7) Do Students Get Discounts on Macbooks?

Yes, Apple offers discounts on its products for students and teachers.

8) How to Get a Discount on a Mac for Students and Teachers?

How Anyone Can Score Apple’s Educational Discount? Just visit this guide to get to know about the discount.

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