14 Best Umrah Dresses for Ladies | Umra Outfit for Women

Best Umrah Dresses for Ladies

Are you looking for the best Umrah or Hajj dress? You don’t need to search anymore as I have researched and listed some most unique and easy-to-wear Umrah outfits for ladies.

When one is going for Umrah, the Umrah outfit plays the most essential role. The Islamic dress for women is mainly Abaya which one should wear over their dress because Ihram is only for men.

Umrah clothing for women is less formal. Women may enter the state of Ihram wearing any type of clothing as long as it is neat, clean and cover all body properly.

Women are allowed to dress in any color they want as long as their whole body is covered by cloth except for their face and hands. The majority of women in Ihram wear white or black Head scarves and Abayas. Women’s Umrah clothing can also include shoes as well as other different kinds of closed footwear.  

I have compiled a list of 14 different Abayas and Umrah outfits that will help you to choose the best ones for your Umrah or Hajj Event. So, let’s have a look at the list of best outfits and Hajj Umrah Gifts for ladies.

List of Best Female Dress For Umrah

1. BooW Women’s Chiffon Kaftan Abaya Dress – Long Maxi Islamic Gown (8 colors)

The Kaftan abaya is mainly made up of chiffon which is very comfortable to wear. One can wear this Umrah outfit easily to perform Umrah. The long maxi dress is available in solid colors which are loved by everyone. Having availability in all sizes, the kaftan Abaya Dress is highly durable.

It is everyday wear that is easy to carry. This clothing is one of the best traditional and cultural wear which is also recommended from an Islamic point of view. Moreover, the Abaya has long sleeves which could be easily worn during an Umrah.

Also, it is easy to wash and can be easily washed by hand. You can also give it as a gift to others as everyone will surely love it.

  • Chiffon Abaya
  • Highly comfortable and durable 
  • Long sleeves

Things I Like Most:

The Boow women’s kaftan Abaya has an amazing fit and material. I like its comfortable and amazing texture.

2. Avanos Prayer Clothes for Muslim Women – Islamic Abaya Niqab Burka Hijab (5 colors)

The Avanos abaya is a one-piece garment with a headscarf that is simple to put on and the fitting is loose. The headscarf of Avanos prayer cloth fits over the head which is stitched from shoulder to dress and does not slip. One can wear it on different occasions because the Abaya never goes out of style.

During prayer, the neck and hair are hidden with the help of Avanos abaya. It is safe to use on clothing. Moreover, It has a loose fit, hides body lines, and incorporates the shoulders into the chest. You should surely try this amazing Abaya as you will love it. Additionally, it is made up of jerseys and is suitable for all body types.

  • Stylish and hijab-friendly prayer dress 
  • Comfy and lightweight fabric

Things I Like Most:

The above Abaya dress is very durable and easy to carry. Amazing quality and loose fitting are all which I like the most.

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3. Muslim Dress for Women with a Prayer Rug & Beads (4 colors)

Moving further, if we talk about Muslim Dresses for women, Islamic women’s dresses are a piece with a hood, making them useful and easy to wear. The hood is stitched from neck to dress and does not slip on the head. Therefore, it can be helpful for various occasions without any difficulty.

The chin part of the hood is shortened by stitching with elastic, and the neck and hair are hidden during prayer. There is also no need to wear a bonnet. From both the front and back, the hood appears to be a half-cape. It extends from the shoulders to the abdomen. So, without thinking, choose this Abaya to make your day wonderful.

Things I Like Most:

It is the ease I wanted to get in my abaya. It saves me from the hassle of putting on a scarf cap plus it is easier to style a scarf.

4. MyBatua Women’s Kaftan Gold Embroidered Fancy Abaya (17 colors)

MyBatua women’s fancy Abaya is a Kaftan Abaya golden in color which also has golden embroidery at the neck part. Moreover, it has a free size which everyone can wear without worrying. It is made up of crepe with a cutwork neckline.

 The golden color looks very sophisticated adding more beauty to the Abaya. You should go for this one if you are looking for something nice. In addition, it has a belt that can be adjusted according to the waistline. The Abaya of this type is something that one should go for and also wear if going anywhere.

  • Kaftan Abaya of free size
  • Have floral embroidery on the neck
  • Soft and comfortable with an adjustable belt

Things I Like Most:

The minimal golden embroidery is my favorite in this fancy abaya. I can use it on multiple events. The belt in this abaya is so awesome and it adds more grace to this amazing abaya.

5. HZUX Casual Muslim Women’s Long Dress Women Dubai Dress (10 colors)

The fabric of HZUX Muslim long dress has higher durability, is easy to handle, has a rich texture, is very comfortable, and is breathable as well. Moreover, it is made up of highly elastic material with a loose fit. It can be worn easily by a person of any size as it fits accordingly.

It’s a plus-size kaftan with a decent look. The color is simply gorgeous. One will fall in love with it after seeing it. This type of kaftan Abaya can be worn in almost all seasons without any worry. HZUX Casual Muslim Women’s Long Dress Women Dubai Dress is of very high quality with great elegance. You guys must give it a try to witness decency.

  • High durability
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Have a plus size with beautiful colors.
  • Great elasticity

Things I Like Most:

HZUX abaya is one of my most liked abayas as I love to wear kaftan-style abayas. Its loose fitting is the perfect feature that I want in abayas.

6. XINFU Muslim Islamic Women’s khimar 2pcs Sets (10 Colors Available)

The colorful and lovely Muslim prayer dress set is made of high-quality fabric that is soft, comfortable, light, and breathable.

The fabric is 80% polyester and 20% spandex. The two-piece set includes a khimar and a long skirt. Windproof, sunshade, thermal insulation, skin-friendly, silky, comfortable, etc are the main features of this amazing prayer dress. It is appropriate for everyday use or special occasions. 


 The Abaya is a brand-new collection that attracts everyone towards it. Moreover, it is available in three sizes and ten colors. When washing in the machine, separate the dark and light colors to avoid any spots. Choose the best color for yourself and enjoy your day. Last but not the least, you can also gift it to someone.

  • Colorful – having ten amazing colors.
  • Made of polyester and spandex
  • Very silky and comfortable

Things I Like Most:

I love this XINFU abaya set due to its breathable fabric. Its long length and ravishing color complement my style beautifully.

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7. Women’s Muslim Prayer Dress with Hijab Scarf Two-Piece Full Length Dress (8 colors)

This prayer dress is very casual and can be worn for everyday prayers and is made of solid patterns. The comfortable texture and fabric make it wearable at any time of the day without any hurdles. Size varies and you can easily select your size from the size chart. 

Moreover, the Abaya has many amazing features such as Sheer fabric made of high-quality silk that is gentle on the skin. Lightweight, breathable, and good absorbent. One Feels completely comfortable as well as smooth after wearing it. It is moisture-breathable, anti-UV, and has many other high-quality features.

  • Very casual and everyday wear
  • Contains high-quality silk
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be gifted easily to someone

Things I Like Most:

One thing I like most about this abaya is that it is so easy to carry that I can wear it all day long. Its smooth silk gives a flowing fit to my personality.

8. Muslim Women’s Full Cover Two Pieces Long Hijab Thobe Abaya Set (5 colors)

The material of the Thobe Abaya Set is 90% polyester and 10%Spandex. There is no elasticity and it is comfortable.

Soft and lightweight also, it is appropriate for daily wear, Muslim prayer, and other important events. 

A two-piece set includes a top with a lengthy hijab and a skirt. Other accessories are not included. If necessary, hand washing in cold water is advised. This Abaya type looks very classy and elegant. Additionally, it also enhances the charm and beauty of a person. You should try it!

  • Very comfortable with zero elasticity.
  • Hand wash is required
  • Almost made up of polyester
  • Enhances one’s beauty

Things I Like Most:

The most incredible feature of this Thobe abaya set is that it is the most simple and modest look abaya with a comfortable fabric. I can style it as you want with the help of my favorite accessories.

9. Women’s Solid Muslim One-Piece Prayer Dress Maxi Abaya Kaftan with Hijab Full Length (10 colors)

The Abaya Kaftan is made up of high-quality polyester fiber, is smooth, light, and comfortable, and the color does not fade. You can wear it easily if you want something comfortable and durable. 

Flexible, breathable, absorbing moisture, comfy, seamless, and other quality attributes are all of the major features of this amazing maxi kaftan.

Moreover, the Abaya maxi dress comes in a single size. Design that is adaptable and simple and it is a full-length Hijab Dress. It is a prayer dress that conceals the neck and hair, conceals body lines, and covers the top of the body to the ankle. You can wear it all year round, and it is ideal for any occasion whether it is formal or not.

  • Very flexible and comfortable
  • Available in a standard size
  • Unique design 

Things I Like Most:

I like this one-piece Muslim dress for its smooth and light fabric. It fulfills all the basic conditions for my prayer as it beautifully covers my body.

10. Ababalaya Women’s Elegant Modest Muslim with Hijab Long Scarf (5 colors)

Ababalaya women’s elegant modest Muslim long scarf is composed of milk silk fabric that is soft, breathable, and comfortable. It is a new style of solid color inner hijab caps with a full cover. Your charming personality shines through in this short and classic design. 


The fabric is flawless, lightweight, and stretchable, keeping you relaxed in any position. The amazing design is entirely for you and fulfills all the requirements of the best scarfs. Furthermore, if you want something nice, you should go for this type. 

It is highly recommended and perfect for various occasions. You should give it a try as it is worth it.

  • Very soft and stretchable
  • Available in different beautiful colors
  • Standard size

Things I Like Most:

Ababalaya is a perfect piece for a modest yet stylish abaya. It is my favorite due to its comfy fabric which allows me to move and grove easily.

11. Abetteric Women Long Sleeve Ethnic Style Full Zip Abaya with Hijab

Abberatic women’s Abaya is a very Soft, lightweight, and comfortable polyester blend. It can be worn on various occasions like formal, informal, home, holiday, eid, prayer, and so on.

You can also wear this Dubai kaftan dress for women when traveling to the Middle East or Arab Countries especially.  It will be an exciting trip. Long sleeves, back zipper, crew neck, round neck with flower print, plus size & loose fitting are the main features of this beautiful Abaya. You will surely fall in love with it as soon as you try.

  • Loose fitting
  • Amazing color
  • High durability rate

Things I Like Most:

The thing I like most about the Abetteric abaya is that it fits all occasions. I can carry it at parties, events, or even for daily use. It will be my fashion statement as well.

12. Avanos Prayer Clothes for Muslim Women Abaya Niqab Burka

The Avanos burka is one piece with a headscarf that is easy to wear and does not require the use of a bonnet. The headscarf fits over the head. It is seamed from shoulder to dress and does not slip. The person who wears this Abaya never goes out of style.

During prayer, the neck and hair are hidden. It is safe to use on clothing. It has a loose fit, hides body lines, and covers the chest. If you are unable to decide what to gift others, you can consider it as a gift.

  • Easy to wear
  • Durable
  • Comfy and decent

Things I Like Most:

I like the stitched headpiece of this abaya. I can wear it as a dress as well. I love the liberty of not seeking a bonnet while wearing this Avanos burka.

13. Qianliniuinc Women Muslim Maxi Dress Abaya – Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Dubai Gown

This dress’s loose-fitting design allows you to move freely and comfortably. With its casual style, solid color, and soft cloth, this maxi outfit is easy to pair with a variety of outfits. Its full sleeves and floor-length style are suitable for respected Muslim ladies. 

A long scarf can make it a prayer dress. Round neck and cotton fabric make this piece a distinguished full dress. Have a try if you are a maxi lover.

  • Gift material
  • Easy to wear on different occasions
  • Loose fitting
  • Soft and comfortable

Things I Like Most:

My favorite feature of this abaya is its long sleeves and perfect maxi cut. The loose fitting of this abaya helps me to carry it anywhere.

14. BLENCOT Women Casual Floral Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Long Dress

Blencot women’s dress is a casual maxi dress.  It is made of 100% polyester fabric. Additionally, it is a V-shaped neckline that enhances the beauty of this maxi. Boho-style floral print makes it more elegant and trendy.

This could be a perfect and trendy dress for stylish women for any event. A scarf on this dress will complement the modest look of Muslim women as well. BLENCOT women’s maxi dress contains every feature which one asks for. Therefore, if you are a maxi lover, you must go for it.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Recommend Hand Wash Or Machine Wash

Things I Like Most:

I like the multiple-purpose use of this BLENCOT dress. I can put it on with or without a scarf. Its polyester is so comfy and flowy.

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