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Prayer Mat or Prayer Rug, also called a Janamaz, is a flat piece of fabric or carpet specially made of cotton on which Muslims pray. It is a place of Sejjadah. All prayer rugs serve one purpose: to help Muslims pray correctly. Their purpose is to provide a designated space for prayer.

Muslim men and women, especially in Central Asia, South Asia, and Africa, use rugs to offer prayers. Around the world, millions of Muslims use prayer rugs or prayer carpets and they have become an integral part of their culture and traditions. Also, Mosques often have prayer mat areas designated for prayers.

There are a variety of materials available for mats, including wool, cotton, velvet, silk, and more. It can be confusing to choose from the many different designs and options available. Which one is right for you? Prayer mats can even come with different designs or scriptures printed on them.

I’ve compiled a list of the top prayer mats after 4 days of research, including Turkish prayer mats, based on reviews and ratings from consumers. I have selected padded prayer rugs, luxury and beautiful prayer rugs for you. 

Below is the list of the 13 best Islamic prayer rugs that you can easily get at the Amazon Store.

Best Prayer Mats or Rugs

1. Soft Luxury Mat for Knees and Forehead

This luxury prayer mat from Islamic Store is a top choice. It contains Thick Padded fabric for your Knees and Forehead, providing excellent support for your knees during prayer. It allows you to pray without experiencing any knee pain or discomfort.

This rug is soft and also features cotton padding for extra comfort which is an ideal gift for Muslim parents. You can gift this thick padded Sajadah to Kids, Men, and Women.

This rug is a great size, sober pattern, and is much softer (Sajjada mat) than most others found on the market. Its size (47” x 31”), makes it one of the largest praying mats you can buy. 

Premium materials make this prayer mat soft, comfortable, and the right size for worshipers of all sizes and ages. This quality mat comes in five different colors including green, black, brown, grey, and G 2.

Additionally, this Mat comes with a beautiful set of luxury prayer beads 33, that will help you remain focused during prayer. Literally, it is great value for money. You can get this prayer mat in the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, and other countries through Amazon. Check more details from the link given below.

2. Foldable Prayer Mat with Back Rest Folding Rug

This multifunctional foldable and unique-style padded prayer mat is a perfect option for your prayer place. This mat features a classical design and a comfortable 115-degree backrest, making it excellent for praying, meditating, or just resting.

It is also a great gift for Muslim mothers, fathers, sisters, and friends. You can gift this prayer rug to your friends and relatives on Ramadan or Eid.

It is made from soft oxford material and has a sturdy base that provides excellent support and stability. Thick foam padding provides excellent cushioning.

It is an amazing, comfortable, beautiful prayer mat that could be used for praying whether you are traveling or at home. Especially if you have lower back pain, it is the best choice for you. One buyer reviewed that I have purchased this for my husband and he loves it.

You can use this Portable Travel Prayer Mat while on your trips, camping, and for international travels. This is a great size for both adults and kids and can be stored easily when not in use.

The size is 43.3 in × 21 in” ( 110 cm × 53 cm ) and the folded size is 14.5 in x 21 in“ (37 cm x 53 cm). It is made of a Turkish traditional design and is available in 4 different colors.

3. VISCO LOVE Memory Foam Area Prayer Rug

If comfortability and quality are your concern then this premium quality rug made with memory form is the best choice for you. If you can pay some money for your health and spiritual feelings, then you must try this Visco love prayer rug.

This premium quality Turkish prayer rug will provide you with superior comfort on your knees and legs. Any woman or man can use MEMORY FOAM prayer mats or rugs to increase comfort and joint protection.

The fabric is thicker than most mats and is velvety soft to the touch. Even though the design is thicker for superior comfort and joint support, it is still lightweight and can be rolled up between prayers or taken with you when traveling.

There are several wonderful designs included on each extra plush prayer rug, as well as velvety soft fabric and deep rich colors. These are specially designed MOULDED MEMORY FOAM MATs.

With its rich colors and borders, this premium prayer mat features classic Islamic motifs and designs such as floral patterns, vine patterns, geometric shapes, and geometric patterns. There is a central mihrab on each prayer mat.

You can choose from Several Colors & Styles including Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Cream, Black, and Purple. Fortunately, you can buy this prayer rug in the US, UK, Canada, UAE, and other countries through Amazon.

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4. BAYKUL Turkish Muslim Prayer Rug

This portable Muslim mat is the perfect gift Islamic gift for Muslim girls, men, and kids. It is a unique gift for Ramadan, Mecca, and Hajj occasions. You can easily take this rug with you on your travels due to its lightweight design.


This Turkish prayer rug (Seccade) is expertly woven by skilled craftsmen from Turkey, which is known for its world-renowned textiles. Their design is inspired by traditional Islamic architecture, which adds a touch of elegance to any space. The material used in this rug is not harmful to health and does not contain chemical waste.

This prayer mat is ideal for both home and travel due to its lightweight design, easy machine washability, and vibrant colors. 

This prayer mat is made from velvety material and has a lustrous sheen, making it a perfect backdrop for your daily prayers. But this prayer mat is not much padded and not suitable for those who are looking for a comfortable mat. You can choose VISCO LOVE Memory Foam Prayer Rug instead if you are looking for a padded and comfortable one.

The size of this mat is (45” x 27″) and its weight is around 0.55 lb.

Baykul store also offers more than 35 rug models that you can select. So visit the link below to get it right now.

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5. Modefa Turkish Soft Velvet Prayer Rug

Modefa is another most beautiful, luxurious, and Soft Velvet Praying Janamaz or carpet for Muslims. Its intricate geometric swirl pattern gives it an elegant appearance, while its lightweight material makes it convenient to take with you wherever you go.

The beautifully crafted prayer rug is a perfect choice for everyday use, and the plush velvet material ensures the comfort and enjoyment of your prayers.

I think that this beautiful namaz carpet would make a wonderful Muslim gift for the Eid season or Ramadan! The beauty and quality of this salah mat will surely impress you and your loved ones.

You may wash it on a gentle cycle, cold, in your washing machine, but take note that the tassels might come loose. It measures (27.5 inches x 43.25 inches) with a 2-inch fringe on each end, and comes in 4 cool colors. Check all available colors and prices from the link.

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6. High-End Gold Case Muslim Prayer Rug

It is a beautiful Islamic prayer rug that is suitable for any Muslim. The simple design allows you to stay focused on your prayers instead of looking at the beauty and style of the prayer mat.

This Machine Made rug is ideal for people of all religions and cultures and would make an excellent addition to any home or mosque. You can wash it in the low cycle and cold water, do not dry it in the dryer. You can also clean it with a wet cloth instead of washing it.

A plush velvet fabric provides comfort while kneeling, and the dimensions are 27″ W x 43″ L, which accommodates most individuals. You can choose your desired color from Bkt navy blue, green, dark red, and brown.

When you buy this mat, you will also get free gift of prayer beads (tasbih) from GOLD CASE which makes this a great gift for any special Islamic occasion like for a new year, Ramadan, Aid el-Adha, etc.

7. Foldable & Padded Cotton Prayer Rug

If you’re looking for a prayer mat of the highest quality, this mat is a great choice. This beautiful crimson prayer mat has a floral design and is made by the Linen Company.

One of the unique features of this travel prayer mat is that it is sewn with a handle, which allows it to be folded easily, making it easy to carry while traveling, at work, or at home use.

I personally love this mat as a gift piece for both males and females. You can give this soft prayer rug as a gift to your loved ones. This is a unique gift that can be used during Ramadan decorations, Hajj, and Mecca visits.

This quilted mat is thick enough to make kneeling on a smooth surface comfortable for extended periods of time. You can be sure that your loved ones will be impressed by the quality and beauty of this prayer mat.

It’s made of premium cotton for supreme comfort, and it’s machine washable so it’s easy to clean. The prayer mat measures 43.3″L x 27.5″W, making it the perfect size for any size or type of body.

Furthermore, this travel friendly and 100% soft mat comes at an affordable price compared to its high-quality cotton fabric. Check the price from the link given below.

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8. Islamika Turkish Style Muslim Prayer Mat

This beautiful made-in Turkish rug is perfect for use at home, in the mosque, or on travels. The prayer Rug for Sajadah is best for kids, males and females comes along with Islamic Prayer Beads.

Due to its soft surface, you can make Soujoud for longer periods of time without experiencing any irritation. It is also equipped with convenient carrying straps, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

This rug is designed with traditional Turkish styling and is crafted from high-quality, durable materials which are very easy to clean at home.

Plus, it’s the perfect size for kids and adults. The size is 43” L by 27” W. Available in three different colors including red, blue, and green oriental.

This prayer mat is not padded so please avoid it if you are looking for a well-padded one.

9. Sajda Rugs Turkish Prayer Rug

This rug comes from the Turkish market and is made with a premium quality fabric that is imported from there. In addition, it measures 48 inches by 30 inches in size, which means that it is a large place for your prayer.

If you are looking for a genuine and authentic prayer rug, this rug is the perfect choice for you. There is a high level of craftsmanship evident in every aspect.

This prayer rug is not padded and only available in black color. So, if you are comfortable with thin fabric and black color, then you can choose this Sajda rug.

10. Almostaqim Islamic Premium Quality Prayer Mat

If quality is your concern, there is no other choice than Almostaqim prayer mat. This Islamic prayer mat is manufactured in Turkey using the best materials to ensure the highest quality at an affordable price. The fabric is 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester, making it durable and comfortable.

The mat is padded with cotton on the underside to provide additional comfort even on hard floors. This mat comes in a variety of timeless Ottoman patterns and lively colors to suit every taste. It can be folded or rolled easily due to its thinness. A special feature of this mat is that it is non-slip.

You can use this beautiful rug for yourself or give it to someone you love as a gift. It’s perfect for Ramadan or any other religious celebration. The rug is not just beautiful, but also highly spiritual, according to many customers. In addition to being made from high-quality carpet, the rug also features special words and shapes that give it a unique look.

If you’re not satisfied with this product, you can return it for a money-back guarantee! 

It is available in four different colors and styles.

11. Modefa Velvet Prayer Rug

The Modefa Velvet Prayer Rug is the perfect choice for your daily prayers. Crafted from luxurious velvet, this high-quality Turkish prayer mat offers a soft and comfortable surface for your prayers.

The rectangular shape and solid color of this janamaz sajadah make it perfect for both men and women. The velvet material is dense and fine, giving it a nice weight and a beautiful sheen that reflects the light.

This prayer rug is the standard thickness and is not too thick or thin. It also has a non-slip backing to keep it in place during your prayers. This janamaz prayer rug makes a great gift for Ramadan or Eid and is sure to be appreciated by your loved ones.

12. TAKVA Premium Prayer Mat

The TAKVA Premium Prayer Mats are the first of their kind in the world which are customizable to every worshipper’s desired level of comfort. Fully washable and interchangeable designs provide the flexibility of having your favorite sejadah with you, at all times.

The Royal Collection from the Indoor Premium Prayer Mat range is inspired by the intricacies of Islamic floral artistry, bringing an elegant touch and nod to heritage. To be fully padded yet fully machine washable

Each Premium Prayer Mat comes with its very own wall hook included in the box, so you can hang them on the wall after you’re done with your prayers.

13. Yase Crafts Muslim Prayer Rug Mat for Men and Women

The Yase Crafts Muslim Prayer Rug is made of high-quality velvet and a Floral pattern. This prayer rug from Yase Crafts is woven by Turkish experts. In addition to the silver embossed pattern on the rug, it features floral elements that add to its vibrant appearance. 

This Velvet Turkish Design Prayer Rug is the perfect choice for those searching for a soft surface to pray on. In prayer, you will be able to kneel comfortably on the velvet fabric because it is gentle against the skin.

This rug makes a great Ramadan and Eid gift for your Muslim relatives and friends.

The size is 44″ L x 27″ W and it comes in several different colors so you can choose which you like. The Colors include Black, Dark Blue, Green, and Claret Red.

Plus, this mat comes with 2 nice gifts, 1 Kufi Hat (Prayer Cap) made of %100 Turkish Cotton and stretchable. And, 1 prayer bead made of 99 beads.

Please note that I didn’t find this mat much padded. So, if you want a much padding mat that can provide high comfort, don’t buy this mat. You can choose VISCO LOVE Memory Foam Area Prayer Rug.

Prayer Mats and History

A prayer mat is a flat piece of fabric or carpet specially made of cotton on which Muslims pray. It is a separate place for Muslims to use while praying. It is a place of Sejjadah. During the period when Muslims displayed their best art in all branches, prayer mats and rugs played a significant role in the art of weaving. In the 15th century, prayer rugs became increasingly valuable. Now people use prayer mats in Makkah, prayer mats in Dubai, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and even every other country of the World.

How to Choose the Best Prayer Mat?

1. Consider the material you would like your prayer mat to be made from. There are many materials to choose from, such as wool, cotton, velvet, and nylon.

2. Decide what size prayer mat you need. If you have a large family, you may need a larger prayer mat.

3. Check the quality of the prayer mat. Make sure the stitching is strong and the fabric is durable.

4. Consider the pattern and design of the prayer mat. Most prayer mats have traditional Islamic patterns and designs, but you can also find more modern designs.

5. Look for a prayer mat that is comfortable to kneel on. You should look for a prayer mat with a cushioned surface that allows you to kneel comfortably.

6. Choose a prayer mat that fits your budget. Prayer mats can range from very affordable to quite expensive, so decide how much you are willing to spend.

The Islamic faith emphasizes the importance of prayer, and a comfortable and high-quality prayer rug can help facilitate that process. I have listed the best prayer mat or rugs available online. Now, the selection is based on your level of interest and your requirements. If you want a comfortable one then, VISCO LOVE Memory Foam Area Prayer Rug is the top choice ever.

Questions Related to Prayer Rugs

What is the Best Material for a Prayer Rug?

The best material for a prayer rug is wool and velvet. Wool is comfortable, durable, and has good insulation properties. It also absorbs moisture, making it ideal for use in prayer rugs. Other materials, such as cotton and silk, can also be used and may be more comfortable in hot climates.

Is it Disrespectful to Use a Prayer Rug as a Regular Rug?

It is not disrespectful to use a prayer rug as a regular rug, but it is important to be respectful and aware of the cultural significance of the prayer rug and the religious practices associated with it.

What Mats do Muslims Pray on?

Muslims typically pray on special prayer mats, which are often made of lightweight cotton or nylon. These prayer mats come in different sizes and colors, depending on the region, and feature special Islamic designs or symbols.

How Often Should you Wash your Prayer Mat?

There is no set rule for how often a prayer mat should be washed, however, it is recommended that prayer mats be washed on a regular basis, depending on how often they are used.

How do you Tell if a Rug is a Prayer Rug?

A prayer rug typically features a niche, or mihrab, at one end that points towards Mecca. Prayer rugs may also feature traditional Islamic geometric designs, calligraphy, or other religious symbols.

Can you put Perfume on your Prayer Mat?

No, Fragrances can be used as attars either to your body and/or the prayer mat

Did Prophet Muhammad use Prayer Mat?

Yes, Prophet Muhammad used prayer mats. He usually used a mat made of palm leaves and was known to carry a prayer mat with him wherever he went.

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